The Ashley Chorale

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Where from

Where are we from?

We meet and sing in the Chesham, Amersham, Ashley Green, Berkhamsted area, normally meeting on Thursday evenings.

The singers are currently drawn from a number of local groups - the "Consort", the "Berkhamsted" and "Chorleywood" Choral Societies, the "Wooburn Singers" and the "Renaissance Singers" and the St Albans Chamber choir.

Many singers are, or have been, members of "Gaudeamus" - led by Graham Wili, who also leads both the Berkhamsted and Chorleywood choral societies. "Gaudeamus" was arguably the best chamber choir in the area at that time with a maximum size of about 30 members, all joining by invitation or recommendation. It was after a concert given by Gaudeamnus that the idea to sing in a smaller group first surfaced.

We are fortunate to have been able to "cherry pick" the cream of the crop from these groups.

If numbers are low due to holiday or sickness we are able to call on other singers which allows us to meet on a more regular basis.

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