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A "Concert"

What we've done

On May 23rd 2013 we went to St Michael's church in Amersham to give an "Audience-Free" concert.

We wanted to sing in St. Michael's wonderful acoustic and had rehearsed about 20 pieces specially. We were treating the evening almost as a concert - but without an audience. Just for oursleves.

In the event some relatives and friends wanted to come along to see what we got up to on a Thursday evening, so we had a bit of an audience after all. The whole thing was recorded too.

You can listen to some tracks if you click LISTEN
To see us on You Tube click


Annaliese Farnsworth
Melissa Byfield
Jane Kendal
Debra Skeen
Sophie Youngs

Helen Halliday
Carol Huff
Pat Harmer
Val Pearson
Martin Cunningham
Simon Beattie
Ralph Vickers
Trevor Barton
David Harmer

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